Urban Refresh & Urban Renew

The Urban Refresh and Urban Renew protocols are designed to give a rapid detox that produces a deep cleansing to maintain your general health and wellbeing. These packages are brilliant for those who have an average or above general health fitness and wish to boost their health and energy and use Urban Detox to replenish their vitals as a preventative measure in their wellbeing management.


  1. Select the Urban Package you want from the dropdown menu called Treatments
  2. Then Select your preferred Time and Date
  3. Complete Payment
  4. You'll receive an email that your appointment is confirmed

Medical Ozone

All You Need To Know Medical Ozone P 1
All You Need To Know Medical Ozone P 2
Urban Detox Concept
Medical Ozone Steam Sauna
Colon Insufflation
Ozone Sauna & Insufflation Combined