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The application of the Ozone Sauna in Ozone Therapy


Ozone Sauna
The ozone sauna is a powerful ozone treatment to detox and cleanse the body. Using the combination of steam and Medical Ozone gas, a super rich medical ozone steam cloud surrounds the whole body.The Ozone Sauna temperature is balanced between 36°C and 40°C, causing the skin pores to open and the micro capillaries to dilate and come closer to the surface of the skin.

The combined process of Sweating, Induced Hyper-Thermia and Medical Ozone Steam Mixture, triggers our Cardiovascular System, Liver, Kidneys, and increases our Metabolic Rate and Heart Rate.

Thus, Inducing a powerful detoxification and activating all biological systems. The combined effect produces an ozone treatment that aids the body to eliminate toxins and neutralize the harmful effects of Free Radicals.

While simultaneously releasing oxygen, boosting our blood circulation, immunity and protecting you from Oxidative Stress.

Highest Professional Standards
Urban Detox maintains the highest professional standards for client safety and the highest quality in delivering the therapeutic effect of Ozone Therapy.

This is why we use Medical Ozone gas to deliver our ozone treatments, when compared to most practitioners who offer the ozone sauna the majority are using oxygen concentrators.

Oxygen concentrators  produce  a very low grade ozone which should not suitable for therapeutic purposes and falls below the standards and best practice methods to offer Medical Ozone to the public.

By using Medical Ozone gas to deliver Ozone Therapy, we can assure the highest quality in delivering our treatments and producing the gold standard in therapeutic effects to manage a wide range of symptoms for your health and wellness.

Treatment Facts
Ozone Sauna is 50% to 70% systemic
Medical Ozone is absorbed Dermal Layers
Treatment Time is 30 minutes
Increases Energy
Deeper Quality of Sleep
Modulates Immunity
Protects against Oxidative Stress

Medical Ozone

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