Online Health Questionnaire FAQ's

Please check the FAQ's before contacting Urban Detox

Can I further customise my health analysis options

Urban Detox provides 2 types of online health questionnaires. These are the Standard and Comprehensive.
The Comprehensive Analysis covers the most options and you are recommended to choose this options, if you require a more extensive health analysis service.

How long does the Health Questionnaire take?

The health questionnaires vary on how much detail is required depending on the plan you have chosen and your current health conditions. We advise all our clients to give as much relevant information that is in context to the question being asked in the health questionnaire.

However, these are estimated times to do the health questionnaire for each plan, after payment and registration.

Standard = 20 - 40 minutes

Comprehensive = 40 - 60 minutes


Can I save my health questionnaire responses and come back to it later?

We are working on the ability that our databases store and save your information. At the moment your are advised that when you start your health questionnaire that you make time to complete it.

We are looking at various options, however the safety and security of your personal information is paramount to us. Thus, once a health questionnaire is completed it is download to our severs. We are then notified and we download and remove your data and delete your information completely from our servers.

Once deleted it automatically deletes all backup information apart from your registration records.

Further updates will be given to all those that have registered to any of our services regarding the management of your personal information.

How long do I have to wait for my Health Analysis Report?

Once the health questionnaire is completed, one of Urban Detox Health Consultants will call you and perform your Review and Analysis Interview regarding your responses from your health questionnaire over skype or phone.

Once your analysis is completed you will be notified by email when your report is ready to be downloaded. This can take between 24 to 72 hours post analysis is completed.

What does the Health Analysis Report provide?

Up to 20 separate sections regarding your wellbeing are analyzed and cross referenced  within your Health Questionnaire.
We also gather information during your Analysis Review, which is cross referenced and added to the information obtained from your Health Questionnaire.
Inferences are taken from your Health Questionnaire and Analysis Review and we produce a report that cover the following areas.
Where laboratory blood tests and metabolic testing have been requested, the information acquired contribute towards your final report. In some cases due to the time to receive reports on metabolic tests, your Holistic Health Report maybe delayed.


The report has a lot of information does your site provide any additional support?

Once you paid for your health analysis plan, you have a subscription for a limited period to videos and documents, that can help you regarding the general information about your report.

There are other video's and documentation that give you guidance if you want to improve your wellbeing using nutrition and supplements taken from your report.

Each online health analysis plan comes with free content for you to use. You may see that some information is restricted and are only available to premium members.

If you wish to subscribe to have all access to all information, this can be requested directly by emailing: with the subject line Extended Subscription.


How secure is my personal information?

We can never secure your information 100%, however, we do ensure that digital security protocols are in place to reduce any possible attack on our website.

Security Administration Procedures are in place to additional reduce the risk of your information being susceptible from an attack on the site.

Due to the nature of our security measure there are some limitations to functionality or options of functionality on the website.

Therefore, when you start your health questionnaire, we recommend that you finish the health questionnaire in one session and then send your data.

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