Steven Karim BMS Clinc.BioChem.
Steven Karim has specialized in medical ozone for the last 20 years with a further 10 years of clinical practice in Clinical Biochemistry working in the National Health Service.

In 1996 he began his initial research into Medical Ozone and by 1999 he founded Oxidation Therapy, which started by building the initial legal structure for professional indemnity for Medical Ozone Practitioners in the UK. He started the educational process of making clients aware of what is medical ozone, it’s properties and uses as a therapeutic platform to heal the body.

By 2005 he initiated a pilot study to investigate the uses of Medical Ozone to manage the release of non specific toxins during a controlled intensive cleansing procedure. His research continued and in year 2007 he formulated a unique Medical Ozonated Oil which he patented and used for skincare, treating skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

In 2009 the results of the pilot study supported clinical peer review studies regarding how medical ozone can manage oxidative stress. It was during this time that Steven initiated the cleansing concept Urban Detox in London.

Steven continues to educate and has initiated the Medical Ozone Research Institute in 2014 that is dedicated to teaching allied health professionals and medical professional in the uses of Medical Ozone as a therapeutic platform in complementary medicine. The institute is also involved with research and innovation to expand the delivery systems for medical ozone.

He has recently began work on the Ozone Society, the first regulatory body in the UK for professional Medical Ozone practitioners, who comply with good practice, a code of ethics and keeping a high standard of professionalism for practitioners in Medical Ozone, that is in accordance with the Madrid Declaration and the Medical Society for the use of Ozone in Prevention and Therapy.

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