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To appreciate our feedback, the following cirteria are monitored, to reflect our services and standard of practice.

between Urban Detox Admin Team, Practitioner and Client

Health Analysis
deterimines your tailored health protocol specially designed to your needs

Supplement Plan
scheduled and tailored supplements to support the health protocol

Nutrition Plan
food and lifestyle modifications to improve eating habits and the foods/diet you eat

refers to the medical ozone treatments used for your health protocol

Wellness Support
emotional, mental and spiritual guidance to make healthier, informed lifestyle choices, and decisions to that make sustained health outcomes

Your Practitioner
refers to the practitioner's bedside manner, their ability to listen and provide the best outcomes in your protocol and health management

Quality of Service
the service received from the start of your enquiry, to the end of your health protocol

From the very first meeting with Steven Karim, the founder of Urban Detox, where I underwent Ozone Therapy, I was very impressed by his approach to me as his patient. Not often is it the case, that a doctor/therapist truly listens, with empathy and careful attention. Steven is a wonderful human being and his personality greatly complements the overall superb quality of his practice. I came out of the whole experience a healthier and a better person

Maggie | Nanny | 6 Week Detox |  October 2016

Great Experience!

Matt | Banker | Taster Treatment |  November 2016

Steven was very professional and very knowledgable in Ozone therapy. He explained issues i raised very well. I plan to continue using his services my quest to a healthier me. Thank you.

Moses | Self Employed | Taster Treatment |  December 2016

I am 100% happy with urban detox. Steven is extremely knowledgeable and I feel much better since starting ozone therapy. His advice on supplements is given with expertise backed up by his in-depth knowledge of the supplements he is prescribing. Not too many, but targeted for me, which is perfect. Thank you Steven.

Claire | Teacher | Chronic Disease Management |  December 2016

The main benchmark difference i am very grateful for is to have substantially less 'foggy head' feeling, which was quite prominent before the detox. Bowel movement also a clear improvement. I'm less tired, and I have regained some of my stamina, overall I'm happy : )

Anna | CEO | Rejuvenation & 6 Weeks Detox Protocol |  December 2016

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