Health Analysis

Health Analysis is a new and innovative service designed to relieve the stress and the time travelling involved from performing a traditional health consultation at the clinic. Combined with our secure online health questionnaire services, Urban Detox can now deliver your Health Analysis at any time, any where, in the world.

The process is quick, simple and is aimed to deliver a high quality service that gives you flexibility and convenience no matter where you are. Either on the plane, train or car, you can always complete and have your Tailored Health Analysis Report sent to you within 24hrs.

The option to see our Health Analysis Consultants at the clinic is available, as we do appreciate that some clients prefer the one to one interactions during your Review and Analysis Appointment. However, by performing and completing the Online Health Questionnaire, your data can be processed before your Review and Analysis Appointment, which saves valuable time for you.

Our Online Health Questionnaire

We've designed our powerful online health questionnaire service to make our data collection quick and simple and managed over a secure encrypted members site. Our Questionniares cover up to 18 specific profiles about you and your body, this enables us to be more specific and targeted towards prescribing additional laboratory and metabolic testing.

The combination of data collected is investigated further with our Review and Analysis Appointment, this further enhances each section and is cross referenced and analysed to determine which areas of your body requires the most focus and support.

Some of the Parameters Measured

  • General Health 50% 50%
  • Digestive Health 20% 20%
  • Cardiovascular System 60% 60%
  • Immune System 55% 55%
  • Stress 80% 80%

Specific Profiles Cross Referenced & Analysised

Premier Account Holders Are Processed Within 24hrs

The Process

Health Analysis, Health Questionnaire

Your Health Analysis Options

  • Your Tailored Health & Wellness Report Booklet

  • Personalised Health & Wellness Strategy

  • Nutritional & Supplement Plans

  • Medical Ozone Protocol

  • Time Management Schedule

  • Cost & Payment Plan Options

  • Quick, Simple and Secure Online Health Questionnaire Services

  • 1-2-1 Review & Analysis Available

  • £99

  • Choose This Option:

  • If You have Average or Above Average

    General Health

  • To Improve & Boost Your Core Wellness

  • To Enhance Your Athletic & Gym Core Fitness

  • This Service Provides

  • 3 days Access to Complete at your Convenience

  • 45 minute Review & Analysis

  • £199

  • Choose This Option:

  • If You have Below Average or Average

    General Health

  • Experience Reoccuring Symptoms

  • Your Symptoms Have Become Chronic

  • You want an Effective Health & Wellness Strategy to Recover

  • This Service Provides

  • Provide Additional Laboratory & Metabolic Testing Services

  • 5 days Access to Complete at your Convenience

  • 90 minute Review & Analysis

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  • Exclusive Services

  • FREE Standard or Comprehensive

    Health and Wellness Analysis

  • Review & Analysis Provided at Your Home

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