Additional Options

Here you can add any of the additional options to further enhance or deepen your protocol.
Colonic Hydrotherapy is great to do before having Rectal Insufflation for the first time, by cleansing the colon wall you improve the ability of Medical Ozone absorbing through the colon. Increased absorption increases the systemic properties that Rectal Insufflation provides. The Digestive Health and Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanses support any Medical Ozone Protocol or package that you may have chosen. These options enhance and further deepen the level of cleansing on these specific organs and their functions.


  1. Select the Additional Option you want from the dropdown menu called Treatments
  2. Select the Practitioner
  3. Then Select your preferred Time and Date
  4. Complete Payment
  5. You'll receive an email that your appointment is confirmed